Driven by a simple vison

With more than $20 billion of transactions in the alternative real estate sector, our principals are uniquely qualified to source and strategically manage a variety of cycle-resistant asset classes offering favorable risk-adjusted returns.

Focused Property Portfolio


Medical Office

Medical office has proven to be a resilient asset class through several recent cycles due to demand from an aging population and the resulting surge in healthcare utilization. For the last decade and forecasted through 2030, 10,000 people will turn 65 every day. This is a population that spends almost three times more on healthcare than adults under 65 (source: U.S. Census and CMS).

Life Sciences

Life Sciences unprecedented technological advancement has resulted in a rapidly accelerating life sciences sector that has caused the cost of genomic research to decline significantly. Sequencing the human genome cost a staggering $95 million in 2001. Twenty years later, advancements in technology have compressed that figure to comparatively minuscule $600. This extraordinary cost efficiency has resulted in venture capital funding more than $30 billion in life sciences and biotech companies in the last year, creating significant demand for life science real estate (source: NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program, CBRE Research and Capital IQ).


Active Adult & Senior Housing

Not all senior housing is created equal. Our focus is on partnering with the best Active Adult, Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care operators across the country. These world-class operators have created an advantage through locations in high barrier-to-entry markets and a focus on providing high-end hospitality to an affluent demographic base.

Prescriptive Analytics

The raw material for making informed decisions

Our company is based on prescriptive analytics. While predictive analytics provides our team with the raw material for making informed decisions, prescriptive analytics provides us with data-backed options that guide our investment decisions.

Weighted Qualifiers

Our team has developed a series of qualifiers unique to each of our strategic alternative investment sectors – all of which go well beyond standard due diligence. This is an example of our weighting for building quality, tenant specific criteria and demographics.